North Central Ohio District Church of the Nazarene
Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Rev. Timothy B. Hancock

Tenured Evangelist and Commissioned Song Evangelist
with the Church of the Nazarene
Full-Program Spiritual Renewal Specialist
--providing a time of refreshing and spiritual renewal for the entire family.
Mailing Address: 1013 E. Vine Street, Mount Vernon, OH 43050
Cell Phone:  740-504-7793
Tim Hancock has been in full-time ministry for nearly 30 years and an evangelist for twenty years.  Tim travels across the country holding revivals, campmeetings, retreats, concerts and crusades.  He is a talented musician and gifted speaker.  He brings inspiration and new understanding to the Word of God through his sermons which are challenging to audiences of all backgrounds.  Tim will guide your families on a life-changing journey with encouraging music, entertaining magic and exciting messages that will help them to more deeply experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Tim is an alum of Mount Vernon Nazarene University and was ordained in 1988 on the North Central Ohio District Church of the Nazarene.  Tim lives in Mount Vernon, Ohio, with his wife, JoAnne, and daughter, Abi.
Cds are available.  Please contact to place an order.  My new cd is available for $15.00 (includes shipping) "This is My church!"  Contact me via email or snail mail and I'll be happy to send it out to you.
Am I Here to Worship
Hymn Sermon
2011 Reserved Dates
January 23 - Carey, OH, Ridge Chapel 
January 30 - Carey, OH, Ridge Chapel
February 20 - Brunswick, OH
February 27 - Brunswick, OH
March 1 - beginning ministry at Gallatin, TN,  Church of the Nazarene