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(Click here to see what we have received and what is still needed to complete your report!)

Our annual District Assembly is quickly approaching.  We will gather in person on Saturday, July 16, under the leadership of our District Superintendent Rev. Wendell Brown and General Superintendent Dr. Gustavo Crocker.  Please be in prayer for our time together! Details on assembly and family camp will be coming soon!

Here's what we need from you:


By May 31:

  • Annual Staff Approval Form - (complete online)

  • Narrative Report - email to the district office 400 words maximum. Our theme is The Gospel! Romans 1:16: For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes. Please focus your report on the (gospel) good news of Jesus.  What good news story are you not ashamed to share?  How has Jesus been shared with your community?  What good news is happening in your church?  What good story has emerged?  Who is being transformed by the good news of Jesus? (maybe it's you!)  Please include 3 specific highlights in your 400 word report and send 2-3 photos; this report will be included in the delegate handbook.

  • Make final payments to WEF, PB, Point to Point, Fairshare and Education (

  • District Assembly Certificate of Election – (complete online

    • (this is a legal document verifying your elected lay delegates; only delegates or alternates listed on this form will be permitted to vote)​

  • NMI Certificate of Election – (complete online)   
  • Church Directory Listing – (edit online through Google documents)

  • District Supplemental Information (pdf worksheet) – (complete online

By June 16:

Your full cooperation with deadlines is needed and anticipated!!  Working together, we will have a wonderful time in the Lord at our District Assembly.  God bless you.


In His Service,

TJ McNew III, District Secretary

Crystal Browning, Office Administrator



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