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NCO Family,


Our NYI Back to School Bash is less than three weeks away.  I have some more exciting news to share with you, our District Superintendent, Pastor Wendell Brown, is going to be here this night to share God’s Word with our students.  He is excited and passionate to see this generation to stand up unashamed of the Gospel.  That gives us all two more weeks to promote this event.


Why is the event so important?

  1. Timing - It is the beginning of the school year

  2. Students are deciding NOW what events, activities, groups, relationships they will be involved in this school year.

  3. There is no greater activity for them than to be involved in a Christ centered community, like yours.

  4. Because students will have an opportunity to put their faith in Christ.

  5. Because our students will be challenged to live this school year with unashamed boldness.


Here are some strategies that we are using at Wooster Nazarene:

  1. Praying with and for our students, that they will invite their friends.

  2. The posters are up, using the PPT slides in our announcements, and the Social Media slides on our social media platforms.

  3. Print and cut the postcard invites.  Hand these out to your students so they can invite their friends.

  4. The social media slide copied in our photos so we can send it in private text messages to students and parents.

  5. We already have a follow up event, that we will be promoting to our students and their friends immediately following the Back to School Bash.  What is your follow up event?  What flyer can you give all your students in the van on the way home from the Back to School Bash?  Another idea:  maybe the first youth group night after the B2SB could be marketed as vision night.  That night you could present a vision that you feel God has for your group this school year.

  6. We are a couple weeks out, so we will start showing this promo video this weekend.

  7. There will be door prizes and give-a-ways here, but you can also do your own in house give-a-ways.  We are considering some prizes for the students who bring the most visitors that night.


We are so excited for what God is going to do in NCO NYI this year.  Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions.


Pastor Jeremy & Jordan McConnell

Wooster Nazarene


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