Discipleship dinner

The BANQUET may be cancelled but APPRECIATION IS NOT!


Appreciation is defined by Webster’s dictionary as:

  1. Recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something

  2. A full understanding of the situation


One of the items the SDMI team performs each year is the SDMI Banquet.  It is a time to have fun with 600+ of our district Discipleship leaders, to recognize and appreciate them for all they do.  This year we as your SDMI team have had to learn the word Appreciation.  Appreciation for the situation that we are in as a state, a nation, and a world.  With this in mind, we will be CANCELLING the March SDMI Banquet.


But Appreciation is not canceled.  I would challenge you that in each of our churches we have Discipleship leaders who have toiled hard through this past year.  Some have learned how to "zoom" and others how to network in ways they have never done so before.  We want, no need, to hear those stories.


Do you have someone you want to appreciate this year?  I want to hear it.  You can type it up, video it, send it by smoke signals… I don’t care! We just want to come alongside you in letting them know their work is appreciated!  Send anything to and we will work on getting these sent out. 


Thank you for all you do to Resource, Equip, and Inspire your leaders to Disciple everyone!


Curtis Cecil