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The Amazing NazaRace is Back! 


The Amazing NazaRace is for participants of all ages. This is designed for young, old, and in-between to have an opportunity to have some fun together, while competing at physical, mental, and silly challenges. Some obstacles will include physical activity and others are all about using your mind. Examples of what a station looks like: books of the Bible, relay race, water challenge and puzzles. 


Team size is limited to 6 people max and recommended no less than 3 people. 

If a family is larger than 6 you can split into multiple teams. If you are signing up as a single or a couple, we can place you on a team.


If you are unsure if you will be able to attend but want to participate, register now to ensure a spot in the race.


Registration is available now until Thursday, July 19th at 10:15A (prior to the morning service). 

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