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Americans are choosing to go to church less and less.  Adult church attendance in our communities has fallen from 34% to 31% in the last 7 years. (Gallup 2023).  The local church is struggling financially as it attempts to minister to and connect with its communities. Meanwhile, we have a life-giving message that our communities need to hear!


What if there was a vehicle to  provide resources for ministry growth and community engagement that could directly benefit our local churches?


The NCO Revitalization Foundation has been established to raise funds to assist our churches, with accountable resources so that ministries can flourish, and lives can be forever changed.

The Foundation has been seeded with $50,000 with an initial goal of raising $1,000,000. Gains from these funds will be disbursed to assist churches in sharing Jesus in their local context and to help reinvigorate ministry. Because ministry happens in diverse ways, applications can be made based on specific needs to help the local church fulfill its mission and change lives. The
Foundation will process applications and disburse funds, even while funds are being raised toward our $1 million goal. We anticipate our first disbursement of funds will be in June of 2024, allowing time to receive gifts and generate gains.

Matthew 10:8 “...Freely you have received; freely give.”

What would it look like for you to make an intentional commitment to help finance ministry in our local churches that could provide funding for the next 100 years? Your individual gift, when combined with others, could have a life-giving impact on ensuring our churches share the love of Jesus both now and in the future? Even $25 per month when combined with 200 others becomes $60,000 annually.

A unique opportunity….
For this calendar year, a $10,000 or more individual donation will receive a 50% match up to $50,000 per donor, or $100,000 per couple.

What can you give?
The gift may be cash, stocks, real estate, or any marketable item of value. Donating appreciated stocks or property can have a significant advantage in avoiding unnecessary taxes. Donating your required minimum distributions (RMDs) directly can have a huge impact and help you avoid paying taxes on those funds.

How can you give?

Donations can be made online

or by mailing a check payable to:

North Central Ohio Revitalization Foundation

602 Martinsburg Road

Mount Vernon, OH 43050

For gifts greater than $10k call our office at 740-397-5740 or email us at to discuss available matching gift options.


You may remember that at our last district Assembly we announced the forming of the North Central Ohio Revitalization Foundation.  

We are happy to announce that in our first year we have formed the Revitalize Grant and are now seeking applications for this grant until June 1, 2024.  These funds are to be used specifically to assist local established churches in revitalizing ministries in their context and community so that individuals find the hope of Jesus for their lives.

The Revitalize Grant is a partnership grant that can be used to provide up to 50% of the total cost of a ministry, training, or improvement that will help the local church experience new direction and energy as they seek to tell others the love of Jesus.   

All of the particulars are in the grant request form.  Please note that this form must be received by June 1, 2024, to be considered for funding.  The funding announcement will be made during a special presentation at District Assembly.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  


In Christ,

Rev. Wendell Brown
District Superintendent

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