September 27, 2022

12-2 PM

Location: District Office

THEME: Being a Pastor with Character and Conviction.

Led By: Dr. Gustavo Crocker / Rev. Wendell Brown

You must register by Monday the 26th by 10AM.  

November 1, 2022
1-5 PM

Location: Medina Church
THEME:  The Chameleon Effect (Counterintuitive Leadership)

Led By:  Mike Rhodabarger, Founder of ExecuSpect and Ordained Elder
PhD in organizational leadership and will provide a leadership assessment instrument.

Register by October 7th to participate and receive your personal leadership assessment results.  Mike will have your individual results for you at the event. The goal is to develop both transformational and servant leadership skills with an awareness of how innate behaviors diminish each competency associated with them. (Registration will remain open until the event; however, to receive your leadership assessment, you must register by October 7th!) 

January 31, 2023
2-4 PM

Location: Brunswick Church
THEME:  Communicating Change

Led By:  Greg McNichols, Copastor, Delaware New Start Church

March 28, 2023
1-3 PM

Location: Wooster Church
THEME:  Connecting with People

Led By:  Nathan Ward, Lead Pastor Wooster Church

Lifelong Learning Hours - per Manual 529.6 A minimum expectation is 20 hours of lifelong learning each year or the equivalent. All assigned and unassigned licensed and ordained ministers shall report on their progress in a program of lifelong learning as part of their report to the district assembly.

Lifelong learning event codes

62675      ​Clergy Excellence w/ Pastor Nathan Ward @ Wooster Church

Mar 28, 2023      2.00 hours possible

96344      ​Clergy Excellence w/ Pastor Greg McNichols @ Brunswick Church

Jan 31, 2023      2.00 hours possible

22616      ​Clergy Excellence w/ Dr. Mike Rhodabarger @ Medina Church

Nov 01, 2022      4.00 hours possible

20110      ​NCO Pastors and Spouses' Retreat 2022

Oct 06, 2022      6.00 hours possible

60208      ​Clergy Excellence with Dr. Crocker @ District Office

Sep 27, 2022      2.00 hours possible

25717      ​Clergy Excellence w/ Dr. Mark Bane @ Wadsworth Church

Sep 16, 2022      10.00 hours possible

96625      ​Clergy Excellence w/ Dr. Jay Height @ Bedford Church

Aug 09, 2022      3.00 hours possible


49712      ​Clergy Excellence w/ "He Gets Us" (via Zoom)

Jun 28, 2022      1.00 hours possible

84344      ​Clergy Excellence with Dr. Ben Lee

Jan 25, 2022      3.00 hours possible

59897      ​Clergy Excellence Being Transformative Agents in Our World

Nov 16, 2021      2.00 hours possible

89154      ​Clergy Excellence with Dr. Carlo Serrano

Sep 21, 2021      3.00 hours possible

50447      ​Clergy Excellence Church Revitalization

Aug 17, 2021      2.00 hours possible


53833      ​NCO NMI with Dr. Gary Morsch

Jul 14, 2021      1.00 hour possible

33684      ​NCO SDMI with Dr. JR Briggs

Jul 14, 2021      2.00 hours possible

57354      ​Family Camp with Lee Strobel

Jul 14, 2021      1.00 hour possible

44392       ​Clergy Excellence with Dr. Frances Patterson

May 18, 2021       3.00 hour possible

41480       Clergy Excellence Peer Learning Based on Church Size

Apr 27, 2021       2.00 hours possible

63386       Clergy Excellence with Bob Broadbooks Zoom

Jan 12, 2021       1.50 hours possible