NCO Policies, Procedures and Forms

Church Health Explanation

Church Health Survey

Criteria for Consideration of Church Closure

Pastors' Safety Network (as of 2/18/20)

Standards for Ministers (as of 9/9/2020)

Creating a Culture of Confession (as of 9/9/2020)

Restoration Plan (as of 7/10/19)

NCO Sabbatical Information (as of 10/10/18)


Properties Board forms (necessary for permission to sell church property, build/remodel an edifice, purchase an existing dwelling/property, borrow money, change a church name)

District Loan Procedure/Churches Helping Churches

Reimbursement Policy

Advisory Board Policies:

Transferring Credentials - if you are coming to the NCO district, please contact your former district (give them your new assignment, home address, phone number and local church membership) and ask them to transfer your credential.  If you are leaving the NCO district, please contact the district office ( and simply provide your new assignment, home address, phone number, district and local church membership.


State of Ohio Minister License/Officiating a Marriage in Ohio - click here for information from the Ohio Secretary of State's office


State of Ohio Articles of Corporationcheck your statusdownload forms to renew or change agent

1099 required for payments over $600

Churches/District should issue an IRS Form 1099 for any payment of $600 or more in a year as a gift, stipend for volunteer services, honorarium,  etc. to an individual (not a corporation). If an IRS Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification is not already on file, the taxpayer will need to complete the form before a check is issued to the taxpayer.


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