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For NCO Pastors: 

Manual 2017-2021  (Frequently Asked Manual Questions)

Pastors' Safety Network (as of 2/18/20)

Restoration Plan (as of 7/10/19)

NCO Sabbatical Information (as of 10/10/18)


Properties Board forms (necessary for permission to sell church property, build/remodel an edifice, purchase an existing dwelling/property, borrow money, change a church name)

Year-End Reporting Reminders and Links


Lifelong Learning Hours: Tracking and Requirements for Pastors

Log your hours here.

41480       Clergy Excellence Peer Learning Based on Church Size

Apr 27, 2021       2.00 hours possible

63386       Clergy Excellence with Bob Broadbooks Zoom

Jan 12, 2021       1.50 hours possible

62510       Pastors and Spouses Event with Keith and Rana Gilliam

Oct 10, 2020       4.00 hours possible 

54428       Clergy Excellence with Chris Brown Zoom

Sep 30, 2020       1.50 hours possible

39554       Clergy Excellence with Don Corder

Sep 15, 2020       2.00 hours possible

65630       Clergy Excellence with Alveda King Zoom

Aug 18, 2020       1.50 hours possible

90906       Clergy Excellence with Chris Adams Zoom

Jul 14, 2020       1.50 hours possible

60926       NCO Covid-19 Weekly Zoom Meetings

Mar 17- May 26, 2020       10.00 hours possible


67684       Prayer Retreat w/ David Busic 

Mar 30, 2020       3.00  hours possible

61715       Tithing Strategies with Wendell Brown @ District Office

Feb 27, 2020       2.50  hours possible


87125       Clergy Excellence with David Mabry

Jan 14, 2020       3.00  hours possible

Center for Pastoral Leadership through Nazarene Theological Seminary

Transferring Credentials - if you are coming to the NCO district, please contact your former district (give them your new assignment, home address, phone number and local church membership) and ask them to transfer your credential.  If you are leaving the NCO district, please contact the district office ( and simply provide your new assignment, home address, phone number, district and local church membership.


State of Ohio Minister License/Officiating a Marriage in Ohio - click here for information from the Ohio Secretary of State's office


Articles of Corporation - check your statusdownload forms to renew or change agent


Local church statistical/historical information


Nazarene Job Board On this site, those called to vocational ministry will have the option to search for available positions by state, position category, and/or district. Pastors will have the ability to seek candidates for open ministry positions based on the same criteria. Our goal is to connect churches with those called to serve.