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Meet your NCO NYI Council:


Officers 2023-2024

President - Ben Price Jr. (Bedford) 216-213-6178

Vice-President - Jordan McConnell (Wooster) 330-621-4294

Secretary - Danielle Hartzler (Wooster) 330-317-0489

Adult Representatives 2023-2024

Ryan Wolfe - Min Rep (Mt Vernon New Life) 740-503-6726

Jake Booher - Min Rep (Mansfield Heart City) 419-569-5198

Ron Keiser - Lay Rep (Mt Vernon New Life)

Colton Walton - Lay Rep (Wooster)

Youth Representatives 2023-2024

Joshua Bode - Sr Youth Rep (Wooster)

Natasha Daye - Sr Youth Rep (Wooster)

Josh Fehrman - Sr Youth Rep (Mt Vernon First)

Joshy Nims Jr - Sr Youth Rep (Sandusky)

Reese Wilson - Sr Youth Rep (Sandusky)

Ty Price - Early Youth Rep (Bedford)

Eli Wilson - Early Youth Rep (Delaware NewStart)

Ministry Directors 2023-2024

BLAST Director - Jeremy Stasiowski (Wooster) 330-345-6351

Field BLAST Director - Ben Price Jr. (Bedford) 216-213-6178

Rally Director - Jordan McConnell (Wooster) 330-621-4294

NYC Dir / Housing Coord. for District - (vacant)

College Rep - Aubrey Bailey (Mt Vernon Lakeholm) 330-466-9290

Encuentro - Shannon Wilson (Sandusky)  419-357-1093

Teen Camp Dir - Ryan Wolfe (Mt Vernon New Life) 740-503-6726

Family Camp Director - Karen Keiser (Mt Vernon New Life) 740-361-0831

Impact Team Directors - Chris and Sally Bailey (Wooster) 330-464-3277

NYI Bible Quiz Director - Sandy Davila (Mt Vernon Lakeholm)  740-326-8652

NYI Convention Director - (vacant)

District Superintendent - Wendell Brown

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