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2023-2024 Schedule


*Registration is at 8:30 AM for our district quizzes and worship at 9 AM


September 9th @ Bucyrus

October 21st @ Willo-Lake

November 17-18th Tri-State @ MVNU

December 1-3rd  St Louis Top 10 @ St Louis

December 8-9th  Fun Quiz @ Mt. Vernon 1st

January 20th  @  Lakeholm

February 10th  NCO vs EO @ Orrville

March 2nd   Local Team Qualifier @ Lakeholm

April 6th  Individual Qualifier @ Sandusky

May 9-11th  Field Quiz @ Mt. Vernon First

June 24-29th  Q2024 @ Point Loma

2024-2025 Schedule

September 14

October 19

November 22-23  Tri-State

December 6-8 St Louis

December 13-14 Fun quiz

January 18

February 8

March 1

April 5

May 8-10 Field Quiz

June 23-32 Q2025


How could District Teen Bible Quizzing impact the lives of teens and families at your local church?


Here are a few benefits that teens have given: 

  • Fun, Travel, Laughter,

  • Improved study habits,

  • Developing leadership skills,

  • A closer relationship with God, 

  • Deeper friendships within teen group,

  • Making new friends from other churches,

  • A better knowledge and understanding of God’s Word


Some churches have just 1-2 quizzers…that is enough! We will group those from smaller churches together to form teams of 4-5 people at the district quizzes each month; just let us know how many plan to attend.


Please contact me for ways to begin more Bible study in your church through Teen Quizzing. Plan over the summer, begin studying in August, and our first district quiz will be in September.










“Quizzing is awesome! You should do it!” 

-Joshua Walchle (quizzer, MV First)


Click here to purchase quizzing material! 


Contact Sandy Davila, District Teen Quiz Director, at (740) 326-8952 or email to


Follow us on Facebook here.


Please let us know if you have any interest in studying and quizzing with the district.

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