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Packed with Love

Wow. More than 6,000 backpacks were collected and brought to NYC 2019 for the Packed with Love project. What a great way to #LoveOthers#NYC19GO

Here are your NCO NYI teens with all of the backpacks with school supplies collected!

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

The Phoenix schools will definitely appreciate this! ~ Karen Keiser

Packed with Love 2019 Group
Why Packed with Love?

Video credit: School Connect and downloadable at

July 15, 2019--Thank you Facebook post from School Connect.

July 18, 2019-- Students Serve Community at NYC, NCNews Article about Ministry to Others projects.

July 19, 2019--Thank You Facebook post from Washington Elementary School District  & a link to its Mountainview School Teacher day announcement of free backpacks.

Nazarene Youth Conference Youtube Playlist : Sessions 1-7

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