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November 27-December 3, 2022

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People matter to Jesus, and therefore people matter to us.  This past year, God used our district to reach 764 people to find salvation in Jesus' name.  This was our highest one-year total in over 8 years.  Could it be because we were intentional in asking our people to pray?  Each one of these individuals found a hope and future for their life, because of the ministries of the local church, and ministry happens through the wisdom of the Spirit.  The fascinating consideration is that the wisdom of the Spirit is realized in prayer.  There are people all around us who do not know Christ, who need to hear the life-giving GOSPEL of Jesus that is our theme for this year across NCO.  Will you pray?  Could you sacrifice an hour to call on Jesus for assistance?  Could your church benefit from encouraging every member to pray the week of November 27th through December 3rd?  Could we unleash the power of the Spirit to move in ways we have not seen in our lifetime?  The impossible can happen! What seems impossible is made possible through prayer!  Will you pray?  We have close to 10,000 people that worship in our churches each week.  What if we all prayed?  May God help us never be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ because it is the power for all of us who believe!  Will you pray? 

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