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2022 NMI reporting has been incorporated into the 2022 Annual Pastors Report.   The NMI president, lead Pastor/executive pastor, and church treasurer should plan to work together to complete this report by May 31/June 16.

The link to the Annual Pastor’s Report Instructions may be found at  The bulk of the NMI information is found in the NMI Certificate of Election (online link) as well as the District Supplemental form (online link) which are due by May 31.   The rest of the information is found in the Annual Pastor’s report due by June 16.

Churches should anticipate that delegates sent to the July 15, 2022 NMI convention will be expected to vote electronically using the program Election Runner. Check out the Sample Ballot ONLY for 2022 NMI convention Election.  Simply use test, test for the Voter Id and Key Id. Voting will be open Friday, July 15 from 8:15am-9am only.

Individual Delegates should plan to be present on Friday, July 15 and have their own device to vote.  Voter Id and Key Id will be available onsite.

Documents of interest  that are available for viewing/download below:


Thank You,

Sharron Sankovich

NMI District Secretary

District Convention

Friday, July 15 at 9am and ending at noon

Mount Vernon Nazarene University Chapel

Convention Speaker :  Eileen Ruger | Asia Pacific










Family Camp 2022 is July 13-15

District Assembly 2022 is July 16


2022 Crisis Care Kit Collection


April 11--CCK's for Ukraine

North Central Ohio District will be doing our part to help with the crisis in the Ukraine. We are taking a van of Crisis Care Kits to the NCM Warehouse in Pennsylvania. We can handle 100 banana boxes. They can be dropped off any time at the home of Mike & Kathy Pelley in NE Ohio no later than April 11. Since we need to limit the boxes we are taking, please call or email Mike & Kathy and tell us how many you are bringing and we will arrange the best time to drop them off. Phone: 440.446.9330 Email:

Regardless of drop off date or location, please include a sheet of paper attached to the outside listing your name, church, contact information and a brief inventory (# CCKs, # SPPs) of your drop off.

Otherwise, always be aware churches can 

  • Mail or drop off anytime directly to FAWN GROVE Compassionate Center.  Details how may be found here.

  • Drop off to the Logan Conference Center of SouthCentral District Church of the Nazarene (SCO)  in October 2022.   

    • October 1 from 9am-3pm at the Logan Conference Center.

    • October 8 from 9am -2pm at the Logan Conference Center.

    • When delivering to the Logan Conference, please bring a check made payable to Chris Powell, SCO NMI treasurer with a memo note  of Semi/CCK/SPP for $2.50 per box of 6 CCKs or per box of 10 SPP.

    • Connect with SCO Compassionate Ministries director, John Karg with questions at 5662 SR 762, Ashville, OH 43103 or 614- 376-6494 or

Just reminder! 

  • Submit $12 a box  For Crisis Care Kits to Global Treasurer/Funding the Mission marked  "Nazarene Relief Shipments ACM1297"  for shipping to the final destination.   This is a 10% Mission Special Expenditure.

  • Submit $10 a box  For School Pal Packs to Global Treasurer/Funding the Mission marked  "Nazarene Relief Shipments ACM1788"  for shipping to the final destination.   This is a 10% Mission Special Expenditure.

Nazarene Missions











Promotional kits sent to all churches beginning March 22, 2019 and were received throughout NCO by churches in May 2019.

Available for download at